Welcome to SipcamAdvan

SipcamAdvan, headquartered in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, is a growing company built on a rock solid foundation. Sipcam Agro has set itself apart since 1986 by offering our customers a solid portfolio of traditional chemistries. Now going to market as SipcamAdvan, the company is expanding our product offering by serving as a launch platform for new technologies.

SipcamAdvan is actively developing and registering differentiated products based on partnerships with research based companies. The SipcamAdvan product line is focused on developing both traditional and bio-rational technologies to meet the changing needs of the markets we serve; agriculture, turf, ornamental, organic and home & garden. The new product supply combined with the formulation expertise of our parent company The Sipcam / Oxon Group provides SipcamAdvan an opportunity to redefine our destiny.

In addition to the crop and landscape markets, SipcamAdvan also participates in the Industrial Biocide and Mold Remediation markets.