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This year, it’s easier than ever to reward yourself with the SipcamRotam ADVANTAGE Rewards Program, because even more SipcamAdvan and Rotam products qualify, including:

With the 2017 ADVANTAGE program, you can earn points with each qualifying product—points you can redeem for rewards like a Coleman cooler, a Weber grill, or even an iPad mini. Points add up all year long. Plus, new participants will earn 1,000 points just for signing up!

But remember, to participate in the ADVANTAGE program, you must be enrolled. To get started—or to find out whether you're already enrolled—give us a call at 1.877.429.2699 or email Then, be sure to submit all the necessary paperwork by December 31, 2017.

SipcamRotam ADVANTAGE Program FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the 2017 ADVANTAGE program? Growers, retailers, and independent seed dealers, with certain exclusions, as specified in the program rules.

How do I enroll in SipcamRotam ADVANTAGE? Simply call 1.877.429.2699 during regular business hours.

Which SipcamAdvan and Rotam North America products are eligible for the 2017 program?

SipcamAdvan Qualifying Products

Baccarat™ biostimulant
Contans® WG fungicide
Echo® 720 AG fungicide
Echo® 90DF AG fungicide
Echo®Zn AG fungicide
Minerva™ fungicide
Minerva™ Duo fungicide
Muscle® ADV fungicide
Potente™ biostimulant

Rotam North America Qualifying Products

Abacus® insecticide
Abacus® V insecticide
Bellum™ herbicide
Nudrin™ LV insecticide
Nudrin™ SP insecticide
Obelisk™ insecticide
Plotter® herbicide
Plotter® Extra herbicide
Primero® herbicide
Primero® 40 SC herbicide
Volta® herbicide
Volta® Extra herbicide

How long does the program last? Qualifying transactions must take place between January 1, 2017, and September 30, 2017. Completed submission forms and related invoices must be postmarked or received by December 31, 2017.

How do I submit the necessary paperwork? All paperwork (including forms, found at, invoices, receipts, etc.) can be mailed to SipcamRotam ADVANTAGE Rewards, PO Box 31815, Charlotte NC, 28231, or faxed to 1.877.865.2345.

When can I redeem my points? You can redeem points as soon as they are awarded. Otherwise, you have up to two years to redeem your points.

Where can I redeem my points? After you’ve enrolled in the ADVANTAGE program (by calling 1.877.429.2699), and have your login credentials, visit our reward catalog website at