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Agriculture / Fungicides

Contans® WG

Take Control of White Mold with Contans WG. A lot of things will be out of your control this season, but white mold doesn't have to be one of them. Soil applied, it's the only preventative fungicide that goes after the source of the disease and breaks the white mold cycle.

Active ingredient: Coniothyrium minitans

Crops: soybeans

Key Benefits

  • Controls Sclerotinia diseases such as white mold and stem rot in soybeans, dry beans, lettuce, carrots, and other crops.
  • Breaks the disease cycle by attacking disease organisms in the soil, before they attack plants.
  • Promotes increased yield by reducing sclerotia populations.
  • Applied to the soil – pre-plant, at planting, after cultivation or post-harvest – with traditional spray equipment or irrigation.
  • Can be tank mixed with many preemergence herbicides and glyphosate.
  • Fits both conventional and organic production - OMRI® Listed®.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Echo 720.
  • CLICK HERE for a self-guided presentation on Contans to find out more.
  • See what Kip Cullers has to say about white mold and nitrogen in soybeans.

Additional Resources

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