SipcamAdvan Announces New CEO

(Durham, NC) SipcamAdvan, headquartered in Durham, announced this week the appointment of Stefano della Torre as its new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment, effective immediately, was made by the Sipcam-Oxon group, SipcamAdvan's parent company, based in Milan, Italy.

Stefano della Torre assumes the reigns from Giovanni Affaba, Sipcam-Oxon group CEO, who will remain as SipcamAdvan's Chairman while focusing on other high priority projects within the Sipcam-Oxon group. Adam Burnhams and Andrew Bodane will continue to serve as joint Chief Operating Officers.

SipcamAdvan plays an important role in the production, distribution and marketing of plant protection products in the agricultural, turf and ornamental industries, as well as products in the material preservation industry. Stefano della Torre, 50, has extensive global experience in this field, having worked in Italy, France, United States and Spain with Ciba Geigy, Monsanto and most recently Sipcam-Oxon group. He will continue his role with Sipcam-Oxon group as Managing Director of Spain, France and North African commercial and production activities.

"I am excited to be a part of the USA organization in this important and dynamic market," shared Stefano della Torre. "My goal is to lead the SipcamAdvan team in bringing new value-added solutions to our customers."

A native of Italy and currently living in Valencia, Spain, Stefano della Torre is the father of three children.

Fowlie Partners With Sostram

(Durham) Sostram Corporation and its parent company Sipcam Agro USA are dedicated to the material preservation market and recognize the need for strong technical and marketing expertise combined with leadership in this segment. To ensure it is well positioned to support product and customer initiatives, Sostram recently announced that David Fowlie has joined Sostram in a consulting role to represent the company's material preservation portfolio.

"David is a creative industry leader whose vast knowledge of the global biocide and materials preservation markets comes as a result of his 30 year career in both product and market development," shares George Furrer, Director of Specialty Business. "During his career, David’s efforts have led to the successful commercial introduction of several key technologies in the industry and the continued growth and success of his customers."

As a long-standing player in the industry, Sostram is committed to protecting and expanding the uses of its Clortram® chlorothalonil offering while also looking for new product development and portfolio expansion opportunities. David’s leadership and experience in this area solidifies that commitment and will position Sostram and its customers for future growth.

White Mold Outbreaks Reported Across Midwest - Fall Application of Contans WG Recommended

Just as agronomist warned, this year’s cool, damp Spring followed by a moist, humid Summer provided the perfect disease setting for white mold in soybeans. Outbreaks have been cited in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nebraska and North Dakota, with the thumb of Michigan being hit particularly hard.

White mold is caused by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, which survives in the soil as sclerotia. White mold can result in significant yield loss by reducing both seed numbers and seed weight. More importantly, once an outbreak occurs, the inoculum remains in the field and continues to threaten future yields.

This time of year - at R4 and later growth stages - it is too late for growers to salvage infected soybeans. But now is the ideal time for growers to plan their strategy for protecting future yields from white mold.

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum overwinters in dead plant material as small survival structures called sclerotia. A fall application of Contans® WG gives growers a jump start on their 2014 season by reducing the sclerotia load in the soil. While other fungicides treat white mold once it appears, only Contans WG works proactively in the soil, breaking down the actual sclerotia before white mold has even developed.

For more information on Contans WG, check out the testimonials on the Contans WG page, contact customer service (1-800-295-0733) or contact your local distributor.


SipcamAdvan is owned by the Sipcam-Oxon Group, an Italian company recognized worldwide for its formulation and manufacturing expertise. SipcamAdvan uses a distribution-focused marketing strategy to provide traditional chemical and biorational products to the agriculture, turf and ornamental, and home and garden markets in the U.S. and Mexico. The company is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.




SipcamAdvan Participates in Peanut RX Program

Dr. Bob Kemerait, Professor of Plant Pathology at the University of Georgia, recently discussed SipcamAdvan’s partnership with the Peanut RX program. Developed by researchers and extension specialists at the University of Georgia, the University of Florida and Auburn University, the Peanut RX program was designed to assist Southeast growers in determining the right combination of fungicides needed based on their unique risk level.

“Not every peanut field needs the same amount of disease control,” explains Kemerait. “This tool helps growers determine what amount of disease control they need, keeping in mind the importance of remaining profitable.”

SipcamAdvan has three fungicides that have been successfully used by peanut growers in conjunction with the Peanut RX program: Echo® Eminent®, Muscle® ADV and Echo® 720.



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