Advan LLC Enters the Turf Plant Growth Regulator Market With Two Turf PGR Product Introductions

Advan LLC enters the plant growth regulator market for turf with two new product introductions: Groom™ PGR for managing turf growth and Tide Paclo 2SC ornamental plant growth regulator for managing the growth of both turfgrass and trees.

Advan LLC Introduces New Tee-1-Up™ WDG Fungicide

With its introduction of Tee-1-UpTM WDG fungicide, Advan puts two proven fungicides - one a contact fungicide and the other systemic - into a single jug. Tee-1-Up combines the contact properties of chlorothalonil with the excellent systemic control offered by thiophanate-methyl in a package that maximizes the product's ease of use.

Tee-1-Up, which is comparable to Regal Chemical Company's ConSyst® WDG product, is labeled for broad-spectrum disease control on cool- and warm-season turfgrasses on golf courses and public areas, as well as ornamental plants, shrubs and trees. On turf, Tee-1-Up controls dollar spot, leaf spot, gray leaf spot, brown patch, pink and gray snow mold, anthracnose and other diseases. On ornamentals, Tee-1-Up controls cedar apple rust, ovulinia blight, anthracnose, black spot, botrytis and scab.

Proplant™ Turf and Ornamental Fungicide Added to Advan LLC Product Lineup

Advan LLC continues to broaden its product line with its introduction of Proplant™ turf and ornamental fungicide, making it the first alternative supplier of the propamocarb hydrochloride active ingredient. Comparable to Bayer Environmental Sciences Banol® product, Proplant prevents and cures many Pythium diseases, including damping off, cottony blight, grease spot and root rot on turfgrass and ornamental plants.

Advan Announces Strategic Refocusing and Ownership Change


(ROSWELL, GA) Effective September 1, 2008, Advan LLC becomes a whollyowned subsidiary of Sipcam Agro USA, Inc. The move is part of an ongoing strategic revitalization to focus Advan on meeting the needs of key U.S. distributor customers.

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