SipcamAdvan Supports the Sugar Industry

Latest research again demonstrates that Eminent protects yield, sugar content and ROI

Durham, NC:  New research demonstrates Eminent 125 SL is the number one triazole choice for sugarbeet growers.  Eminent 125 SL continues to deliver very high grower satisfaction when used for Cercospora leaf spot control in sugar beet.

Research from NDSU and University of Minnesota fungicide trials demonstrate in side-by-side comparisons of programs with triazoles as the first application, Eminent provides the best ROI through maximum pounds/acre recoverable sucrose1.  In a recent survey of fungicide use, 99% of the growers surveyed reported good to excellent control with Eminent2.

SipcamAdvan Advances Biorational Portfolio
Appointed exclusive distributor of biofungicide in key markets; Actinovate protects plants from disease, boosts root mass and yield.

Durham, NC:  SipcamAdvan announced today that as part of its strategy to further strengthen its proprietary portfolio of biorational plant protection products, the company has been appointed as exclusive distributor for the biofungicide, Actinovate®, in select crops and turfgrass in the United States.  Actinovate, which is manufactured by Natural Industries, Inc. (Houston, Texas), contains the active ingredient, Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108.  Depending on where it is applied, the product protects seedlings, crops or turfgrass roots or foliage, improving nutrient uptake, plant vitality and yield.

EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack for peanuts

(Durham, NC) EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack represents the latest in peanut disease management technology and convenience. A product of SipcamAdvan, the new EPA-labeled product controls early leaf spot, late leaf spot, web blotch and rust in peanut production.

EchoEminent Fungicide Co-Pack combines a standard use ratio of the contact properties of Echo® chlorothalonil and the systemic properties of Eminent® tetraconazole in one dual-chambered container. One co-pack provides rainfast disease control to 10 acres of peanuts.

Echo ETQ fungicide tackles summer stress factors

(Durham, NC) Echo® ETQ Turf and Ornamental Fungicide combines a proven active ingredient with an innovative additive to provide disease control, enhanced turf quality and economical management of summer stress factors. Introduced at the 2009 Golf Industry Show, it is the newest product from SipcamAdvan.

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