Muscle ADV Packs Powerful Punch

(Durham, NC)   SipcamAdvan recently introduced Muscle® ADV, a new fungicide delivering a forceful punch to foliar and soil-borne diseases found in peanuts, soybeans and cucurbits. Muscle ADV is the evolution of two proven and powerful fungicides, Tebuconazole and Chlorothalonil , combined in a versatile pre-mix.


“Growers said they wanted a complete fungicide that offered a broad spectrum of protection,” shared Brent Sapp, SipcamAdvan’s Southeast Account Manager who works closely with peanut growers across the South. “The Chlorothalonil in Muscle ADV gives them multi-site mode of action, while the Tebuconazole delivers both preventive and curative activity.”


In peanuts, Muscle ADV has been proven to be effective against early and late leaf spot, rust, white mold, southern blight, Rhizoctonia , as well as other diseases. It controls powdery mildew in cucurbit crops. Among soybeans, Muscle ADV delivers preventive control of rust, anthracnose, frogeye leaf spot, Cercospora leaf blight, diaporthe pod and stem blight, and others.


SipcamAdvan anticipates Muscle ADV will be quickly adopted by growers seeking an anti-resistance tool for yield robbing diseases, while also addressing their return on investment (ROI) concerns.


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